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The Bolts have been a team since' 1992, and have won 1 Stanley Cup since' then, in 2004 against Calgary.
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Anonymous: Ryan Callahan


There is no player I respect more than Ryan Callahan. Ryan isn’t the best player, Ryan isn’t the fastest skater, Ryan isn’t a natural scorer but there is something Ryan is and that’s a grinder. He plays the body, he blocks the shots, he drives the net, he battles and he does what he needs to get the job done. He will go to the front of the net, he will kill a penalty, he will be the one to push the puck out of your zone. He is the type of player every team wants because he can do anything as long as he tries. He can score but he won’t be your top scorer, he can make a pretty pass but he won’t have a point every night. He we give up his body to make sure the team has a chance to win and I fucking miss him. I miss his dedication to the fans. I miss his belief in the guys and the team. I miss him in rangers blue, red and white. I miss him with the “C” on his chest and I certainly miss his never die, never quit attitude because no one can fill the void left by him and I am glad he is doing so well in Tampa.

"Every player in white, I’m going after."
Radko Gudas, when asked if there are any specific Habs he’s targeting on the ice during their first playoff matchup (via kiwoa)


is jt secretly plotting to kill ty or…..?